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Welcome to the blog folks.  Putting something like this together has been a challenge and a study in patience and discipline for someone as right brain dominant as I. I was so close to calling my friend D’Ann in FBG and saying HELP. But, I persevered and learned to find my way through the world of widgets, links and tags. Really, opportunities on the internet are pretty damn amazing. So, let me know if anything is confusing. It has been fun to photograph the cooking steps. Pictures are so useful. Click on any photograph and it will enlarge and you can scroll through the photos in that particular recipe….unless I have forgotten to do something! You must always REFRESH.

I selected these recipes for no special reason. Just had to start. I will update weekly as well as answer your questions or clarify a direction or ingredient. The cookbook is still in the works and this blog is getting us well on our way. So for now, if you like a particular recipe, print it up off the blog.

Many of you have attended our cooking classes (which we just started again) and know my background. I am not a culinary school trained chef. My educational background is music. My sister Sabrina and I began a restaurant in the early 90’s in Fort Worth, Texas – Sundance Market & Deli. We were newbies, naïve, and got our ass kicked a few too many times. But we stuck it out and developed one of the most successful ventures in the up and coming Sundance Square area of downtown Fort Worth. After selling the business, I instructed friends to personally shoot me if I ever got back in the food business. I guess they couldn’t find their guns! Anyway, here I am, years later, in Comfort, Texas with a new business partner, Denise Rabalais. High’s Café & Store will be 9 years strong this August.

I look forward to acquainting you with my food point of view. I also hope that these recipes and instructions will motivate you to cook, to share, and to express yourself. With all the advances our technical world makes, there is still no way to create a heartfelt and savory plate with an iphone. Hopefully never. I am 52 and I remember growing up in a small town eating manwich, canned pears, creamed corn and hamburger helper. But everyone ate that then. Now, I go into HEB in Boerne and think…when did this happen? Organic, kale, sushi, fresh seafood…all for dinner. Wow.

Stay tuned.

Share a meal.


PS… “Home”  is always the latest posts.

May 25

Happy Memorial Day all. Just got back from my niece’s graduation in Fort Worth. She’s on her way. Just a reminder that the best way to follow the blog is to sign up through your email. That graphic is on the right side of the blog. Scroll down and add your name. Worry not. Only recipes from me. Please feel free to comment too. We can all learn from that.

New recipes coming out this week: Curried Butternut Squash Soup, Farro and Beet Salad, and Apricot & White Chocolate Scones….(Tracy, are you watching?)

Thanks everyone for your interest.

Share a meal.


June 2 is close to 5000 hits! Wow. Please continue to share the site with your foodie friends. Many have signed up through their email. Stay on top of the latest recipes. Shared a meal last evening with Tom, Susie, Laurie, and Reza. Reza is a dear friend from San Antonio who shares a passion for food too.  We enjoyed good stories, a good meal, music, some poetry and I tickled the ivories for a  nightcap. Having an evening like that reminds me how lucky I am and how important it is to schedule some time with friends. It often feels sacred, in a way.

Coming up this week: White Bean Soup with Rosemary and Kale, Blueberry/Lemon and Ricotta Muffins, Wild Chicken!  and White Chocolate Apricot Pudding with Bourbon Sauce

What can I say!!!!!

Share a meal.


June 4

June 4 003

Sharing “blog food” with friends. Convening around a meal is just the start of a great evening. Conversations went all over the place. Bread pudding followed.

June 8

6000 and counting! Thanks everyone. This week: Grilled Eggplant Sandwich, Panzanella Salad, Split Pea Soup with Ham, Chocolate Dipped Macaroons, and Marinated Olives.

June 10

Denise, Susie, Ilynn, Tom and I shared the new food last evening. Ok, the eggplant sandwich is a big winner. Must try. We served this at High’s early on. I was trying to find a vegetarian offering that was flavor packed and satisfying. This is the ticket. Slicing the eggplant a bit thicker keeps it intact and provides a meaty texture.  I would also like to introduce you to my sous chef. Her name is Maggie and she loves good food. She also supervises all activity in the kitchen. Her favorite meal begins with morsels of turkey and sweet potato garnished with bits of bison and chicken jerky. She never gets tired of that combo.

June 10 015

Sous chef Maggie

Share a meal!


June 17

Good morning. Up with the birds and having coffee.  Menu this week: Shrimp Quesadiva! with Mango Salsa and GO GREEN SALAD with Highmade Pesto. We will learn to make a cilantro pesto as well. For those interested in attending our July cooking classes, keep an eye on your emails from High’s Café and Store. The classes fill up fast. Don’t hesitate. Make your reservation as soon as you receive the notice. My sous chef is barking at the neighbor’s dog. It’s hard to find good help. Off to the store. Another event to look forward to is our annual Comfort Table concert/benefit in July. The concert is Monday, July 28. Tickets go on sale July 1st and will be sold at High’s and the Comfort Public Library. The concert features 16 singers drawn from all over the state and a cellist from Austin. I will tickle ivories this year. The benefit is underwritten by High’s and several donors so that the entire ticket price is a donation to Comfort Table. The event sells out every year and now raises over half of the organization’s budget for the year! If you are in town, please consider attending. A wonderful reception at High’s follows the concert. The singers are all professional musicians who donate their time to the cause. Many of them consider this event the highlight of their year. CAN’T SAY ENOUGH. Be there. It is special. In addition to the singing, our wordsmith Douglas Skrief from International Falls, Minnesota will enchant with his poetry.

June 23

Crazy weekend at High’s. Pooped and out of food. We are now restocked after my normal  Monday food run to San Antonio. Sam’s Club at 7 AM followed by Restaurant Depot, HEB, and my favorite big box store COSTCO. I’ve joked that our cookbook will be the recipes COSTCO inspired. Many of you share my affection for COSTCO. It’s  nice to support a large company that balances profit and employee benefits so well. HAPPY to spend our money there.

This week: Chipotle themes…… “Si Sir” salad with chipotle shrimp and chocolate chipotle pie with cinnamon crème anglaise. Stay tuned. Who are you sharing a meal with  tonight?


June 30

I ran into Arlene (former owner and kitchen diva of Arlene’s Café in Comfort) and she requested a couple of things for the blog. She is a big fan of our “Highlupa” which is served on Tuesdays at High’s. She and husband Doug seldom miss this lunch special. I was contemplating the week’s menu and she came to the rescue. So, “highlupa” with avocado-tomatillo salsa and pickled red onions it is. Deliciously seasoned ground beef tops a baked corn tortilla along with the other tasty garnishes. It’s a “ramped up” chalupa. We’ll also have a delicious vanilla bean panna cotta served with macerated raisins and dried cherries. Off to HEB.

Sharing a meal?


July 7

Hope everyone had a great 4th. My feet are screaming. So many hungry people. Our staff handled everything with their customary friendliness and great work ethic. We are so fortunate to have these amazing women led by Esperanza. They literally make High’s go six days a week with friendly attitudes and hard work. THANK YOU women of High’s.

More 044 More 042 More 041 More 040

       Lidia                                     Maria                                    Martha                                Lucy

Not pictured: Esperanza, Kathy, Norma, Mary Louise, Crystal, Aracelli, Teresa and Nancy.


So, how about a little gazpacho this week? We’ll top that off with some diced shrimp, veggies, and a swirl of avocado cream. Serve it in a highball glass with some pickled okra and you have a summer celebration. Dessert to be determined. Foodie friends coming to dinner Tuesday. I like to share a meal with folks who love to eat well. Stay tuned and thanks for the comments. Keep them coming.


July 14

Hello everyone. Very busy weeks ahead. Cooking classes next week and Comfort Table Concert is July 28. Have you bought your ticket? NOT TO BE MISSED. THEN, High’s will be closed for our annual two-week vacation:  July 30 – August 13. Everyone gets a much needed break. We will reopen, renewed and refreshed,  Thursday, March 14. Look forward to Chilled Avocado Soup with Mango/Jicama Relish and Summer Tomato Salad with Fresh Mozzarella. This week’s blog recipes will be my last post until we return from our vacation. I will enjoy family and my niece dancing in Austin and then a week in Santa Fe for music, food and great energy. So, this week’s menu includes Cream of Cauliflower Soup, Spinach Salad with Warm Bacon Vinaigrette and Italian Cream Cake with Orange Cream Cheese Icing. Wish I was eating that right now. Thanks for reading everyone. Please remember to share your experiences and always feel free to ask questions or make a suggestion.

Looking forward to sharing many good meals in Santa Fe – a food paradise!


August 18

I can’t believe a month has gone by. We are back and ready to share more good food. The Comfort Table concert was a big success once again. Santa Fe displayed its usual A plus weather: low 80’s during the day, mid 60’s at night. And dry. The air is intoxicating and the scenery is calming. Santa Fe Opera has to be one of our country’s great treasures. Some new food finds and some disappointments. Recommendations include: Midtown Kitchen and La Bocca in Santa Fe and The Grove in Albuquerque. Really enjoyed these. In fact, one of the small plates at La Bocca will be recreated here on the blog. We had a lovely evening with our hosts Joe and Tracy Gerber and their daughter Noel at La Bocca. Shared plates, tasty wine and relaxed but attentive service allowed three hours to roll by. This is my idea of a great eating out experience. The “ensalada melones” was a stand out. Look for that post!

So, I’ll hit the kitchen tomorrow with camera in hand. It’s been hard to return to the routine. And Texas heat is unrelenting with no rainfall. UGH. Our menu is cool, vibrant, refreshing and summer friendly: chilled avocado soup with mango/jicama relish, ensalada melones, chipotle grilled shrimp on a skewer with pineapple/serrano salsa and vanilla cake with FBG freestones and blackberries.

Let’s share that meal right now!

August 27

Come on rain. Nice summer meal on tap this week. Tomato Basil Soup with Texas-sized croutons (creates a type of “tomato bread” soup), Grilled Cheese Panini with fresh mozzarella, smoked provolone, basil pesto, and roasted peppers, Mixed Greens salad with kale, bay spinach, arugula, herbs, radicchio, pine nuts, blanched French beans, crispy prosciutto, crimini mushrooms and parmesan. We’ll dress the greens with fresh lemon juice, EVOO, a spritz of sugar, salt and cracked pepper. To finish off the evening, we’ll double layer a flavor packed carrot cake with orange cream cheese icing!!!! Oh, and some fresh snipped flowers for the table…..Mary Louise to the rescue. Thanks for the color and thought. We all have a gift to contribute.


September 15

The rain came and more is coming. Summer heat may soon be over. Look what’s cooking: Corn Chowder, BLAT sandwiches, and Oat Crisps with yogurt and berries. Also reminding all local followers that we are packaging Highmade foods for easy grab and go. Salsa Verde, Salsa Rojo, Marinated Olives, Pickled Veggies and Hummus. Check out our cooler next time you are waiting to place your order at High’s. Check out the newest restaurant recommendation in the “Good Food Found Here” section. Shared some good food with family and friends last week in Fort Worth. Who are you sharing with?

September 24

“Oh what a beautiful mornin'” 60’s, wow. It’s been a long time since we have seen that number. What a difference dry/cooler weather makes in your disposition. So this week we are tackling a salad trio: The Haystack (Plaid Goat favorite) with orange tarragon vinaigrette, Rosemary Roasted Potato and Farro Tabbouleh with shrimp. Wanna come for dinner? Off to the store.

October 6

Hello blog followers. Many new folks on board. Nice to have you. This week a High’s standout: Chicken Tortilla Soup. Also we’ll throw in some Fish Tacos with our orange chipotle slaw and pickled onions. Looking ahead to our Fall cooking class:

Prosciutto Wrapped Roasted Asparagus with Parmesan Crust


Meatballs (pork, beef and diced prosciutto) and Highmade Marinara over Rosemary and White Bean Puree with Lemon Crème Fraiche


Salted Caramel Gelato with Apricot and Cashew Biscotti and Vin Santo

Denise will select a couple of food friendly wines and we will have the makings of a fine evening. The classes are sold out. There is a waiting list. 830-995-4995. SO, due to the heavy load next week, no additional postings will be made then. Thanks again for reading and commenting.

October 21

Hello everyone. Still recovering from three nights of cooking classes and one of the busiest Antique Show weekends ever! Beautiful weather here in the hills. Looking forward to holidays and all the good food that will be shared. This week is a real eclectic mix: Apple Cranberry Chutney (perfect Thanksgiving condiment), Red Onion Marmalade (ditto), Quinoa and Butternut Squash Salad (great with Turkey or Ham), and Falafel with Salsa Verde and Tomato Salad. If there is time, Banana Mint Ice Cream. Off to the store. Just typing these titles is making me hungry.

10-21-14 003

It all starts with a bounty of fresh ingredients.

October 27

Well I didn’t get around to the Banana Mint Ice Cream. I will Thursday along with Molasses Spice Cookies with Orange Glaze. Next week look forward to Moroccan Chicken Soup with Cous Cous and High’s Pimiento Cheese. Maybe a dessert too. Enjoy the weather.

10-23-14 001

We’ve all had refrigerator pasta. This is preparation for refrigerator stir fry. Vegetables-a bit old-mixed with some shrimp, fresh ginger, cilantro and spooned over jasmine rice. Good use for old stuff.

10-23-14 003

Off to the neighbors with the goods. Homemade is always appreciated.

November 14

Hello food friends. This week a favorite crunchy salad from High’s: High Chow with Shrimp. We’ll dress that with an Orange Soy Ginger Vinaigrette. Delicious. Substitute shredded chicken or a pan seared salmon filet, if you like. What a meal. Pairs well with a fruity white. We got an Arctic blast this week and a salad did not seem to be the cold weather food I was longing for. So, I will also publish a recipe for Highmade meatballs and chunky marinara. Served with some pan-fried polenta and you have a perfect, satisfying cold weather meal. Stay tuned for that. Also, had some roasted veggies (sweet potatoes, butternut squash, carrots and parsnips) left over from a dinner party. Combined that with some sautéed onion, celery and vegetable stock. Add some dried thyme and bay leaves. Cook until flavors meld. Cool, puree and reheat. Pairs well with a Pinot Noir. Served with some toasted almonds, parsley, and grated parmesan. YUM. Sometimes, leftovers can go in a whole new direction.

11-13-14 002 11-13-14 003

11-13-14 009

11-13-14 004

Sometimes it’s nice to put on the ritz a bit. Dinner for April. Remembering Fred. XOXO

November 19

Good morning all. Are you already thinking about Thanksgiving dinner? Traditional or some new ideas thrown in? This week’s highmade food menu features our black bean soup with pico de gallo and skillet cornbread. When my sister (Sabrina) and I opened Sundance Market & Deli in Fort Worth back in the early 90’s, our grandfather  was able to visit the deli one time. He had helped (along with our mother) to secure financing for our first food service venture. Do you hear a toilet flushing? Well, lucky for them, all monies were repaid and we developed a successful venture. I’ll never forget his comment after visiting the deli. He was concerned that we did not offer beans and cornbread on our menu. In fact, he wasn’t sure whether or not we would be successful because of this omission. Nothing made him happier than a bowl of beans and a slice of cornbread. I also remember he’d crumble cornbread in a glass and pour buttermilk over it. Well, this week we channel Pawpaw. Not sure he’d recognize this version of beans and bread, but I know he’d eat it.

For next week, I’ll offer up some Turkey Day bits. Remember to breathe while you’re in the midst of family and preparations. And, keep the cook’s glass half full!

December 6

Gray days, gray days. I guess we are having a touch of Seattle in the Hill Country. Nothing like a gray day to inspire soup. This week a recipe for Hungarian Beef Stew served over egg noodles. The recipe is inspired from a cookbook I received many years ago – recipes from the Metropolitan Opera House. The stew comes from renowned baritone Sherrill Milnes. I think I sold the cookbook in a garage sale. So, I tried to remember the recipe as best as I could. Adding a few of my own isms, of course. Make a loaf of Herbed Cheddar Beer Bread and pour yourself a glass of Plungerhead Zinfandel and well…what could be more perfect? Maybe add our Spinach Salad with Warm Bacon Vinaigrette. Hope your holiday season allows you time to slow down and savor a delicious meal with friends and family.

December 10

In a former life, I was a church musician. Needless to say, I attended many pot luck suppers. The first church I worked for was largely an older congregation. Pot luck suppers there were bounteous. I was in college then and grazing at one of those socials was a real treat. Another church I worked for had a much younger congregation. Pot luck suppers there were very different. We often ran out of food! They just didn’t get it. All this “church talk” is to introduce the salad for this week’s menu: “Not Your Mama’s Macaroni Salad” or perhaps more accurately…”Not Your Granny’s Macaroni Salad”. Macaroni salads were always a part of the spread. I really enjoy taking “nostalgic” food and updating. So, we nod to the past and we spruce it up with today’s culinary vibe. Maybe it is a bit healthier…maybe not! With some updating, it still reminds us of fond memories of a shared meal. Also on tap this week is a delicious Wild Rice and Chicken Chowder with sweet potatoes. It is YUM. What are you cooking?

December 16

I’ve got a craving…an unshakable craving: Cheddar & Dill Biscuits. Look forward to that posting. How many of you have tried making biscuits only to produce something slightly softer than a hockey puck? I discovered a great biscuit recipe from a food scientist. It is foolproof. Add some fresh dill and sharp cheddar and these will disappear in the blink of an eye. I’m not sure how much posting will go on over the holidays. But, I know I will put these biscuits on along with “Hoppin’ John” soup just in time for the New Year. In the meantime, have a peace filled holiday in whichever tradition you observe. WE all need peace.

January 8

Happy New Year foodie friends. By now, we are back into our routines. And, brrr it is chilly too. Check out the menu for this week: BLAB sandwich and Vegetable Minestrone topped with pesto and served with parmesan toast. BLAB? Bacon/Lettuce/Apple/Brie on a croissant. Don’t even ask the calorie count on that one. So, while I was cooking today, one of my dogs, Jerry (aka Mostly), came into the kitchen and plopped down at my feet. I think he is jealous as I have anointed Maggie my sous chef. He does have an amazing nose. However, he lacks the patience required for kitchen work. I did tell “Mostly” (he’s mostly good) that I’d place his picture on the blog. He’s cool with that. Happy cooking, happy sharing.


January 20

Sharing a meal tonight with neighbors. Balmy weather has me thinking of tapas. One neighbor is actually back in the states temporarily from a teaching position in Madrid. Well, there you go. Spanish all the way as she may be missing her “other life.” This meal is perfect for entertaining as much of it can be prepared ahead: meatballs in saffron sauce, shrimp in spicy tomato sauce, marinated roasted peppers, pickled cucumbers, potato salad with capers and dill, olives and Manchego with quince and Marcona almonds. Almond cake and macerated strawberries topped with orange honey Greek yogurt will close the evening. Passing platters of tapas, a nice verdejo and garnacha, crusty bread, interesting conversation…sounds perfect. “Pass the peppers” , “Let me have another meatball” , “Did you try the shrimp?”.  This meal encourages community. Recipes will go up this week. Stay tuned.

January 26

Roller coaster weather in Texas. After rain and chilly temps, we are balmy once again. Our menu this week includes a curried zucchini soup with red pepper and a Bibb lettuce salad with blood orange, avocado, papaya, queso fresco and pepitas. We’ll top the soup with yogurt, toasted almonds and cilantro. Fancy vinegar from my neighbor will produce some type of dressing for the salad. Check out Texas Monthly’s new list of top ten restaurants in Texas. Hope one is near you. Dinner tonight includes seaweed salad from Costco (has anyone tried it?) and pan grilled Ahi tuna with cucumber/serrano vinaigrette. Healthy eating, but oh so flavorful. Happy sharing.

February 9

I hear you. I was browsing through some comments and realized I had promised a couple of recipes that I have yet to post. My apologies. That will be corrected this week. High’s Peanut Butter Heath Bar Crunch Cookies and our Albacore Tuna Salad. A customer who is now back home in Indianapolis, Indiana requested the cookies and a local friend loves our tuna. One other thing to look forward to is our Winter Cooking Class – February 23, 24 & 25. Each night begins at 6:30 pm. 17 slots each evening. Sell outs are the norm. Get to it. Please call High’s Cafe & Store at 830-995-4995 and we can reserve your space with a prepaid credit card transaction over the phone. Here’s our menu:


chili spiced pecans


farro with roasted beets + goat cheese + orange tarragon vinaigrette

big plate

double cut bone in pork chop + braised with fennel, artichokes, tomato and olives + rosemary roasted potatoes + sautéed kale


bread pudding + grilled apricots + white chocolate shavings + cream + bourbon sauce

It’s almost 80 degrees today in the Hill Country. But perhaps cooler weather will be around when this fabulous meal is served. Denise will pair some complementary wines, a few cooking demos, stories and more will be our recipe for an evening not to be missed. Hope to see you then as we share a meal.

February 16

Cooking classes next week will slow blog posts down a bit. However, a cold front just blew in and a bowl of  Smokin’ Chicken Chipotle Soup sounds fantastic. Maybe some cornbread too. A few slots are available for our Winter cooing classes. Call High’s 830-995-4995 to reserve your spot. Dining out with neighbors Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Trying a new place in San Antonio…”Folc.” Looking forward to sharing those meals with friends.

March 3

Talk about shades of gray…where is the sun? Shared a meal with good friends last night. Tried a recipe from the current issue of Bon Appetite: pork ragout over soft polenta. Very good. Roasted some baby carrots and Brussels Sprouts and we had the perfect remedy for gray weather. On tap this week is a classic wedge salad with blue cheese dressing and yellow split pea soup with garbanzo beans. Spiced with curry, cumin and coriander, this soup is very satisfying and slightly exotic in flavor.

Three nights of cooking classes required some recovery. However, a good time was had by all as we welcomed regulars and newbies. Next class will be a Spring offering. Keep an eye on your email box. If you are not on High’s email list, drop Denise a note at requesting to be added to our list.

Quite a few new followers have joined the blog. Welcome to you. Please post comments. I like to know what you are cooking, if you have any questions, suggestions, etc…We can all learn from each other. This exchange of information is really what the blog is for. Off to the store.

March 16

Sorry for slacking, but feeding the “beast” known as High’s has been especially time consuming as we are in the midst of Spring break. My third trip to San Antonio just wrapped up with a cargo van full of freshness. also recently registered over 30,000 hits! Thanks for reading all. I hope you find the blog to be an educational and delicious adventure.

At some point this week, recipes and photos for the following items: Salmon Croquettes with Cocktail Sauce, Salsa Roja, Roasted Creamed Corn, Guacamole, and Huevos Rancheros!!! The latter making good use of the salsa and guacamole. Cook on….

March 24

Ok, guacamole didn’t make the cut last week. Look for a bowl of that this week. In addition, turkey meatballs served over curried lentils. We’ll top that with some baby kale and a curry yogurt sauce. Serve it with some grilled Naan. Drooling already. GORGEOUS weather. Where is it like this all of the time? Off to the store after I find a good place for lunch…outside. Stay tuned.

April 13

Spring is busting out all over. Thanks to good rainfall, Hill Country wildflowers are bounteous this year. The best spread I have seen in a long time. Check out a new restaurant recommendation under “Good Food Found Here”. On the menu this week is a seafood pasta salad with creamy dill dressing and coconut lime sorbet served with coconut cookies and tropical fruit compote. Sunday regulars at High’s have requested this and I apologize for dragging my feet. New menu items at High’s beginning Friday…Sweet Mexican Corn Soup and Haystack Salad. The dessert offerings will expand with our Key Lime Tart (Guido requested…or else), Buttermilk Chocolate Cake layered with Pecan Caramel and Chocolate Ganache and our Carrot Cake. We are evil, I know.

April 27

More rain, more green, more beauty. The hills have never looked so verdant. Well it’s time for our quarterly cooking class. A delicious menu awaits your tasting. Dates are May 11, 12 and 13th. Slots are still available for Monday and Tuesday evenings. Wednesday is sold out. Call High’s (830-995-4995) during our normal business hours and you can reserve your seat with a credit card purchase. Check out the menu:

May 11, 12 & 13


Mediterranean Relish, Toast & Feta

opening act

Highmade Ricotta Boats

artisan romaine + highmade ricotta + sun-dried tomatoes + shaved red onion + capers +
lemon + oregano + cracked pepper + EVOO

drama queen

Seafood Cioppino with Saffron Rice

salmon + shrimp + crab + mussels + spanish chorizo + spicy tomato broth + saffron rice


Almond Cake with Marsala Creme Anglaise & Roasted Figs

All recipes provided with some instruction, wine pairings available for an additional purchase and good camaraderie with fellow foodies.

On the blog this week, look for a delicious shrimp salad and prosciutto and melon with balsamic glaze, mint, cracked pepper and a drizzle of EVOO. The weather dictates fresh, cool flavors. Spending some time with friends this weekend who live in New Jersey. Attending a performance of the Philadelphia Orchestra and catching up with a college friend too. I’m sure some good food will be shared. Can’t wait. Off to the store.

We liked the shrimp salad.

We liked the shrimp salad.

May 25

I apologize for the delay. Very busy with cooking classes and Memorial Day weekend. So you have heard the term “frog choker”? The rain continues to fall here in the hills. Too much of a good thing. This week, look for “Green Eggs and Ham”. Grilled crostini topped with roasted vegetable ratatouille, sunny egg, basil oil and crispy prosciutto. Textures and flavors pop for a yummy dish that is good for brunch or supper. Stay tuned…Also, welcome to our newest highmadefood followers. Welcome to our foodie family.

June 4

Sunshine at last! This will be my last post for about 2 weeks. Vacation calls and my camera will be in hand. Renting a car in Phoenix, driving north to Sedona, Grand Canyon, over to Palm Springs and down to San Diego before heading home. Will attempt to photograph the landscape and the plates. So, check out our new recipes: OMEGA 3 SUPER SALAD and High’s Vegelicious. The Super Salad will be topped with some delicious sardines which I discovered a couple of years ago at Costco. Duh, have I mentioned Costco before? Chorus: COSTCO. And no, I don’t own stock. Maybe I should. Super Salad will be served at High’s for the next 10 days or so along with our Tomato Basil Soup.

High’s will be hosting a large yard sale Saturday, June 27 which will feature gently used kitchen equipment mostly. Smallwares, dishes, pots, display kiosks, etc…Lots of goodies. Every dime raised will be donated to Golden Hub Senior Center in Comfort. Come out and support the cause and purchase something for your kitchen! Summer cooking classes will be held in July. Keep an eye out for your email notification on that. Great summer menu planned. Comfort Table Concert this year is Monday, July 27th. Tickets available at High’s beginning July 1. Our 10th ANNIVERSARY BASH will be Sunday August 30, 4-8 PM. Mark your calendar.

Lots to look forward to. Let’s hope our weather provides intermittent rain and reasonable temperatures. Keep cooking! Share a plate! We all need good food. Later.


June 30

Back in the saddle again…or kitchen. Oh those transitions from vacation back to work. They get harder and harder! Couple of things: Summer Cooking Class is July 13,14, and 15. Call High’s today (830-995-4995) to reserve your spot over the phone. Great menu planned. Perfect for a backyard gathering. Check out the menu:



Hungarian Feta + Grilled Naan + Parsley


Shrimp Quesadilla + Cilantro Pesto + Watermelon Pico

main event

Pork Banh Mi Sandwich + Farro Tabouli + Broccoli Slaw

sweet treat

Peach and Blackberry Crisp + Ginger Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

$65 per person

Look for a watermelon salad this week. Perfect for a 4th of July cookout. Speaking of the 4th, if you don’t have plans for Saturday, consider coming to Comfort for our Annual 4th of July Parade. A real slice of small town America. Parade kicks off at 10 am. Grab some coffee and a breakfast taco or scone from High’s before. We open at 8 am. Happy Birthday USA!

August 13

Hello everyone. We are back in the saddle again at High’s. One day of serious cleaning and power washing, another day of bringing all of our recipes back, and the third day … happy customers once again.

A great Comfort Table Concert and a much needed vacation have renewed us. Cool temperatures and serene scenery in Northern Minnesota slowed down life a bit and inspired reflection. I will return with new recipes from my kitchen to yours. Look for two recipes that are perfect for these sweltering temperatures here in Texas: 1) potato salad with apple, shaved fennel, frisee and smoked trout – a concoction inspired from a recent trip out west to Palm Springs   AND  2) coctel de camaron – a South-of-the-Border favorite.

August 31

500 grilled hotdogs later, a good time was had by all! Thank you friends of High’s for a memorable celebration. So many kind words, so many good friends, so much affirmation. Thank you Comfort for your support these past 10 years. Our community was on full display last evening. From Amazing Walter’s sand creation to Camille Sander’s angelic vocals, the evening was special in every way. A nice sum was raised for our local firefighters and Boys/Girls Club and our wonderful employees were singled out and recognized for their gracious hospitality and culinary gift. What’s next? Not sure. We’ll continue to brew the coffee and plate your meals six days a week while we ponder that question.

In the meantime, let’s think about a new plate: pan roasted chicken breast served over grilled pita with hummus, leaf lettuce and roasted tomato, onion, and sweet peppers. Sort of a Greek salad thingy with a nice juicy piece of roast chicken. We’ll quick brine the breasts and create a nice brown crust. As a side, a cucumber yogurt salad with Green Zataar and fresh mint. Great summer meal. And for a grand finale, a fresh berry tart. MAN, if you’re not salivating, check your pulse. Off to the store…

September 15

I hope you have checked out the most recent additions to our recipe collection: Pan Roasted Salmon over Lentils, Brussels Sprout Salad and Pots of Chocolate. Winners for sure. Our neighborhood hosted a pot luck last night in the cul de sac. Very nice weather and no flies. I decided to make an Asian Slaw and Gobs of Chocolate Cookies. Check out those. Great crunch and bursts of flavor in the slaw. Perfect for a barbecue or grilled fish. Travels well too. Gobs of Chocolate cookies are for those chocoholics you know. Intense and sinful. Happy cooking.

October 12

Hello all. Pardon the delay in correspondence. BUSY. Denise and I returned from a quick getaway to Santa Fe. A little brainstorming, scenery and some tasty food invigorated our senses. We are back for a busy Fall and December. Comfort Antique Show is this weekend, October 17/18. Check it out and have lunch with us…or breakfast. Fall cooking classes will return in November. Keep an eye on your emails from High’s. Ladies Night Out and Christmas in Comfort round out our November…and then there’s Christmas. Check out the Pumpkin Cheesecake recipe. Great holiday sweet…and not too sweet. Please let me hear from you. I am always happy to answer a question and we love comments. I heard Alice Waters today on NPR. Wow, what an inspiration she is – once again reminding us that what we put into our bodies is so important. Be mindful, be good to yourself and be a good steward of our planet. Here’s to those who uplift us and keep us going!

October 20

Another big weekend at High’s. What a crew we have. They give and give and give. Denise and I are so fortunate to have wonderful folks caring for our customers. I was speaking with our manager Esperanza Saturday morning about her mother’s fluctuating blood sugar levels. Her mother’s love for rice and flour tortillas is  not helping the situation. So, I told Espi that I would come up with a good recipe for Mexican rice that substitutes quinoa for the rice. I have a couple of salmon filets in the freezer. I will thaw those out and pan roast. Serve the salmon over the Mexican quinoa with an avocado salsa and some pan sautéed baby zucchini. Heart healthy and delicious. Haven’t we all learned that eating well does not sacrifice flavor one bit? Share a healthy meal!

December 3

It’s been a while. I guess we’ve been busy. Cooking classes, Ladies night Out, Christmas in Comfort, Diva Day…..Looking forward to our “Carols and Candlelight” Concert December 21. Check out the post. The evening promises beautiful music and delicious food. Support a good cause (Boys and Girls Club of Comfort) and feed your soul. By the way, here are a few photos from our last cooking class. A good time had by all. Roasted Vegetable Risotto, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Chopped Salad. YUM. By the way, the best way to stay on top of the classes is for you to be on our email list.

IMG_2687 IMG_2689

IMG_2694 IMG_2695

IMG_2696 IMG_2704

IMG_2700 IMG_2702




December 30

Wow, we’re wrapping up another year. I hope you shared your holiday with family and friends…or found some quiet time for reflection. I got to see all of my   sisters, nieces, nephews, step-parents, mother, dad, brother-in-laws – a full house. LOVE THEM ALL. I am hosting a get together New Year’s Day for friends. Good food, bubbles and  toasts for a new year. Our menu: Hoppin’ John Soup (duh), Roasted Beet Salad with Arugula and Feta, Smoked Salmon with all the sides, Lemon Dill Potato Salad, Biscuits and Buttermilk Chocolate Cake layered with Peanut Butter Icing and Chocolate Ganache. Wanna come? Here’s to your New Year!


Raise your glass and share a meal.

Lots of exciting things to come. Stay tuned.

September 19

Greetings from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Tom and I recently relocated to the city different. Many of you who follow the blog and patronize High’s are already familiar with this news. With an excellent team in place in Comfort, I will continue to blog as well as check in from time to time in Comfort for extended stays. Also, I now have the time to dedicate to finishing the cookbook you have requested. Inspiration comes from every nook and cranny here: nature reigns supreme, food offerings span the globe, music opens the heart, art engages the eye, gorgeous air intoxicates and Native American culture grounds. In addition to blogging good food, I will attempt to share our discoveries of this most special place…a bit of time will be taken up with renovation of our home. Please pardon the infrequent communication. I will get back on track, promise. By the way, we are thrilled to welcome Daryn Petermann as our general manager. She will be a great addition to our team.

Also, please check out the new section “Views from Here”.

Share a meal and connect!


January 4, 2017

Being 55 years old, I have been slow warming to some of the technical innovations our world now embraces. Also, my right brain dominant self processes techno in a very slow, back-asswards way. HOWEVER, we must keep up with the changes or we get left behind. My goal for the blog has always been to get people to COOK. So, I want to use whatever methods I have at my disposal to achieve this goal. will now offer video tutorials. This should be fun. Production values may not be high, but I hope the videos will be useful. Stay tuned…


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