What’s For Dinner?

Living in a “foodie” city can be very tempting. However, it can break the bank too. I have become a real devotee of Trader Joe’s. Their packaging is perfect when cooking for small numbers, their small footprint makes “in and out” pretty easy and their prices are so reasonable. I find that when I buy there, I waste less. And, I find that I am very satisfied by their selection. On a rare occasion, I have to venture to a “regular” supermarket.

In the category of “What’s For Dinner?”, you will find simple meal ideas. Follow them exactly or use them as a starting point for your creations. Recipes will not be written down, but a narrative of the cooking process will be provided along with some measures. These are quick, easy, often inexpensive meals which utilize ingredients on hand along with a few bought items. ENJOY! Please share your versions with me.