Basil Pesto

2 – 4 ounce bags fresh basil, stems removed

¾ C toasted walnuts

6 garlic cloves

1 t salt

1 t pepper

1 C grated parmesan cheese (a middle-of-the-road parmesan is fine, like DiGiorno)

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Olive oil

June 18 025

top off with a thin layer of olive oil

Using a food processor, drop garlic cloves through the feed tube while machine is running. Once garlic is fully minced, add remaining ingredients – except olive oil. Turn machine on and drizzle olive oil through the feed tube until desired consistency is achieved. See photo. This makes about 2 cups of pesto. Once you go to the trouble of making pesto, you might as well freeze some for future use. Great on pasta, sandwiches, salads, flatbread, soup and more. This recipe uses walnuts instead of the traditional pine nuts. Gentler on your wallet. AND just as tasty.

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