Cooking Notes


  • T = tablespoon, t = teaspoon, C = cup
  • Butter references are always unsalted.
  • Eggs are always extra large.
  • Vanilla is always pure vanilla extract, not imitation.
  • Olive oil references are always regular olive oil, not extra virgin.
  • EVOO refers to extra virgin olive oil.
  • Sugar refers to regular granulated white sugar, other types will be specifically noted.
  • Chicken stock is boxed stock, not broth.
  • Oven temperatures are for regular ovens. If you are using a convection oven, decrease the suggested temperature by 25 degrees. I actually prefer to bake in my oven using the convection cook mode.
  • Flour references are all-purpose unbleached, unless otherwise noted.
  • Salt is Kosher salt.
  • Brown sugar refers to light brown sugar.
  • The famous spoonula.  (I purchased mine at Ace Mart.)

    so useful

    so useful

  •  Here’s a good idea. Have you ever lost a measuring spoon because your ring is loose? Zip strip to the rescue. Two sets of spoons are useful.

             Two sets of spoons are useful too.