High Chow Salad with Shrimp

11-13-14 010

(serves 6-8)

1 small head Napa cabbage, core removed, finely sliced

½ head red cabbage, core removed, finely sliced

11-13-14 011 11-13-14 012 11-13-14 013

1 red bell pepper, seeded and trimmed, cut into thin strips

16 or so French beans, cut in half and blanched

11-13-14 015

2 large carrots, peeled and shredded

11-13-14 016

¾ C of Edamame

½ bunch of cilantro, finely chopped

10-12 mint leaves, torn into larger-sized pieces

16 large shrimp, boiled and cut into small pieces

11-13-14 014

1 C Chow Mein noodles

¾ C toasted almond slices

11-14-14 017

Shredded chicken or a pan seared salmon filet works just as well. Or, go veggie.

 1 small can Mandarin oranges, drained

  3-4 scallions, finely chopped for garnish

Combine all ingredients except oranges and scallions. Lightly dress with orange soy ginger vinaigrette. Spritz with additional salt, if needed. Plate salad and garnish with scallions and mandarin oranges.


    1. Morning Dugan.
      It really is delicious. Little bit of prep. I keep it dry and just dress up a serving.The mix will last for several days.
      Thanks for reading and eating.

  1. fresh crunchy spicy sweet all this and fragrant when dressed with orange soy ginger vinaigrette and superb when tossed with your impeccably clean hands and served with yummy pinot noir happy dance high chow! YUM

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