Cheddar Dill Biscuits

(makes 14-16 small biscuits)

2 C self-rising flour
1 C Wondra flour
1/4 t baking soda
1/2 t salt
2 T sugar


1/2 C sharp cheddar, finely grated
2 T fresh dill, finely chopped


6 T Crisco shortening, chilled and diced into small pieces


2 C buttermilk

IMG_1621 IMG_1623

1 C all-purpose flour for shaping
2 T butter, melted for biscuit tops
Fresh cracked black pepper

IMG_1622 IMG_1624 IMG_1625 IMG_1626


In a bowl, combine self-rising flour, Wondra, soda, salt and sugar. Mix well with a whisk. Add cheddar and dill mixing well. Add chilled Crisco pieces and mix in well with your finger tips until flour is crumbly looking. (I like to place flour mix and Crisco pieces in the freezer for 20 minutes or so. Then, once everything is very cold, begin working the shortening into the flour. Add the buttermilk to the flour mix in 1/2 C increments and carefully fold. You may not need all 2 C of the buttermilk. You do want a wet batter. (see photo)

Using an ice cream scoop, portion out the dough and drop it into the bowl of all-purpose flour. Toss the biscuit in the flour until it is evenly coated. Shake off excess. Place biscuit into a Pyrex pie pan that has been coated with non-stick baking spray. Continue making biscuits until your pie pan is full. The biscuits should snuggle up to each other. Brush tops with melted butter. Add a few cranks of fresh black pepper on top and you have the start of the best biscuit you will ever eat.

Place biscuits into a preheated 425 degree oven and bake for 25 minutes. They should be nicely browned. Remove to a cooling rack and wait for about 10 minutes before sliding the entire biscuit form onto the cooling rack. Pull biscuits apart and just try to eat only one.



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