Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos

(one filet is good for two tacos, open-faced)

Tilapia filets (or catfish)

Taco seasoning


Orange chipotle slaw

Pickled red onions

Crumbled queso fresco

Lime wedges

Cilantro sprigs

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Season fish with salt and taco seasoning. Spray seasoned side of the fish with cooking spray. Place fish on a baking dish that has been coated with cooking spray. Place fish into a preheated 425 degree oven and cook for 14 minutes. Flake fish using a fork. Warm corn tortillas in a dry skillet. Mound slaw, fish, onions, queso fresco, and cilantro onto a warm tortilla. A squeeze of lime and fresh cilantro finish off this favorite!

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