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SO, would you like to print a recipe from the blog without pictures? Here’s my suggestion: go to the specific recipe you want (not the blog roll) and highlight the entire recipe (including pictures). COPY. Go to your word or pages section of  your computer and create a new document. PASTE. Delete photos and there you have it. Ingredients and instructions only. I will continue to explore things from my end to see how I can simplify that process. In the meantime, this works. Remember that comments are always appreciated. And, welcome to our newest highmadefood followers.



  1. We were 1st timer’s at High today – not the last time! I had the muffuletta & my husband had the shrimp quesadilla – not a crumb left. We split a brownie (I’ll never split another). I offered my nice watch for the brownie recipe. When that failed, I offered my next grandchild (and NOBODY messes with my grandchildren!) – the brownies are THAT GOOD! Sadly, no recipe (hey, I have AWESOME grandkids!). I’m destined to have brownie dreams…

  2. My favorite favorite favorite place to spend my money and my time. Best food I have encountered at an eatery. The atmosphere is as upbeat and positive, as the cuisine is superior. Kudos

  3. Love love love your food!! Had the best soup and salad today. It was your turkey Chili and house salad that had Fritos in it. Best two things I’ve EVER had. Would Love those recipes and enjoy your other recipes too! Thanks Carolyn Mayo

    1. Good morning Carolyn. So glad you enjoyed your lunch. Both recipes are on the blog. The salad recipe is also in our cookbook. We love happy customers.

  4. Enjoyed the quinoa arugula salad, caprese styled tomatoes, lentil chorizo soup, lemon curd and almond cookies last night. Oh, and can’t forget the warm spinach and cheese dip!
    This little piggie cried “yum yum yum” all the way home!

    1. Hi Sue.

      Thanks for writing. I thought the recipe for Lentil and Chorizo was on the blog. I will make sure that gets on there. The cookies are listed under Almond Cookies in the “Sweets” section. There is also a recipe for a chocolate ganache that works well for dipping. Thank you for dining with us.


  5. I am a “picky eater” and everything I’ve eaten at High’s Cafe is the BEST! Thank you for your talent!

    1. Ate at High’s Cafe today. The best food I’ve had in a long time. Bought a cookbook and didn’t find the avocado toast that was so delicious. I’ll try to find it on the blog. Thanks so much

      1. Good morning!

        Thank you for the comments. SO PLEASED you had a nice meal. Yes, avocado toast in on blog. The radishes were a last minute addition and not on the recipe. HIGH TIMES!


  6. Love Brent’s generosity in sharing his excellent recipes with all of us. He is a creative chef without being too “out there” for home cooks. Thanks Brent. You are loved and appreciated.

    1. Good morning.
      Just add your email to the follow bar and submit.
      I have been on a hiatus for a few. Hope to be back blogging soon.
      Thanks for your interest.

  7. My daughter, who lives in Kerrville, sent me your blog. I love everything in it. I especially enjoyed the pix of the architecture in Balboa Park. San Diego is the city of my birth and I spent many years living there before coming to Houston, TX. Please include me in future announcements. My email is: Thank you again for the recipes and the Balboa Park pix. MRW

    1. Hello Marianne.
      Thank you for the comments. I loved San Diego. A good friend from college has just been appointed General Director of San Diego Opera. He moved there from New York. He is very excited to live in that paradise! I cannot sign you up for the blog. Just add your email address to the follow box and click.
      I have been on vacation, but am back now with more recipes on the way.

  8. Love, love, love High’s!!!!! My mother in law (Lisa) made the go green salad last night and it was to DIE for!!!

  9. Yes – I would think this message should get followers pouring in left and right. We’re making the Go Green Salad tonight (sans chicken) with fried shrimp. Can’t wait. Thanks for all the great recipes.

  10. Can’t say enough about the delicious food at High’s Cafe. Everything is so fresh and pleasing to the palate! We stumbled upon High’s in Comfort several years ago while visiting the Texas Hill Country and now it is always on our “to do” list when we visit the area!

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