April showers?

Our winter postcard in April.

Just when we thought winter had made its exit, a snowfall set us straight. Who’d have thought that our largest snowfall of the year would come April 29th? Twelve inches of soft powder blanketed our community. Jerry LOVED IT. Temps are dipping into the 20’s tonight. We’ll see what survives. Boxes are sheltering peonies which were on the verge of blooming. We lost a few tree limbs due to the weight of the snow. Good excuse to stay indoors and binge watch some television. Hope temps are more moderate where you are!


  1. Hi Tom & Brent, Amazing snow event!❄️❄️❄️ Your place became a winter wonderland! I know Jerry loved it! Let’s do plan an outing…when we get “the wedding” over with! Happy Spring, you two!🤗🌺🌷🥀🌺

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  2. Loved the photos, especially the one of you with your dog immersed in snow….. April wonderland indeed! Beautiful.

  3. My dear friends. Your photos are beautiful and REMARKABLE. I SAW THE BLUISH GRAY on the weather Channel App this morning. It was amazing. I hope u didn’t loose to many of your plantings. It looks like Jerry is having fun. Sorry, I missed u when u were here. Hopefully, I will see u the next time u are here. Hope everything else (other than the snow) is going wonderful for u .

    Take care. Everything is good with me here. Miss u both.


    1. Morning Vel.

      Things look ok today. Temps were not too severe. So nice to hear from you. Glad you are doing well.
      I will be back at the end of May for about 10 days. Hope to see you then.

  4. Dot and I envy you with the beauty of the snowfall UP TO A POINT!!! HA My garden is doing great, yours may need a shot in the arm after this. Best to you, Larry Rabalais

    1. Morning Larry and Mama San!

      Looks like we survived another near miss. Haven’t planted the garden yet. Gardeners here wait at least until mid May.
      Updates will continue. Nice to hear from you.


    1. Good morning!

      We may have dodged another one. Luckily temps were not too low. After inspection this morning, it looks like most things have survived.
      Good to see you last week.


  5. I think that is beautiful but then I’m not dealing with it. I would handle it exactly the same way. Good to see you last Monday. Holly Driscoll

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