Update from the garden…

The garden project is moving along. Hugo’s handiwork can be seen in the beautiful outdoor dining table: a simple Parson’s design with graphic tiles to top. We are ready for our first gathering.

The waterfall is running once again after a winter rest. “White fish”, “black fish” and the two “orangies” are happy after their dormancy. Little black fish was hiding.

“Critter proofing” the garden is essential. A band of chicken wire will run the entire base of the garden fence. Cue the rabbits!  Redwood boards are assembled using these nifty corner devices purchased through Gardener’s Supply Company. Check them out online. Powdered coated aluminum in a dark brown. Clamps are screwed to the inside at measured intervals for PVC pipe which will create the frame for the covers.

Our project manager Jerry is a good supervisor, but not much help.

Retaining blocks have created a nice curved wall.

Lily pads are slowly releasing their leaves as the sunshine coaxes them out of their slumber.

Stucco lath has to be screwed to the bottoms of the bed frames. Once again, critters here are relentless. In this case, GOPHERS!

Laying out the garden plan with spray paint gives a sense of the final vision. Crushed granite walkways, fruit trees, whiskey barrels of flowers, a sculpture piece, clothesline (artistically realized, of course) should bring this garden to full fruition.

Can’t wait for those veggies!

More to come.



  1. Looking great! Nothing better than New Mexico weather in Santa Fe! The supervisor looks very content. Karen

    1. Good morning Karen and Joe.

      Hope you are well. Still flirting with freezes here. Anxious to get going, but holding out for more consistent temps.
      Hello to all on Village Park!


  2. Your yard is huge,but it will be beautiful when it is finished,. Arlene

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Good morning Arlene!

      Nice to hear from you. Yes, a bit more to take care of than the space on Village Park! Hope you and the neighborhood are well.

      Our best from here,


    1. Morning!

      Still getting some low temps at night. Maybe by May, we can start planting. In the meantime, lots of “ground work” to be done 🙂

  3. Looking good!
    Would love to introduce you to friends in Santa Fe.
    Timing is everything.
    In Abq until April 20.
    All the best- stay warm!
    Carla Edwards

  4. Wow! Can’t wait to see the planting. Jerry may not much help, but in my remembrance from being employed, “not being much help” is the definition of supervisor. 😉

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