1. Hi Brent,
    It is the usual,”surprise, you just thought spring had come to the Rockies.”
    David and I are in Albuquerque two weeks now.
    We were here having lunch when the storm blew in today. Now we are by the fireplace and happy we did not groom our std poodles with their summer haircut. Hoping we can have you over. Your garden gate looks beautiful.
    Fond regards,
    Carla Edwards, friend of High’s.
    Ps. Made your tomatillo chow chow to rave reviews from my mother in Austin.

    1. Hello Carla and David.
      Yes, these winds are crazy. Doing an update from the garden today. Glad the chow chow hit the spot. Anxious to try some restaurants in ABQ. Let’s make a plan next time you’re here.
      Best to you both.

  2. We too plan to move to Santa Fe!! I love seeing your photos. We are very excited!!! BTW-I have made summer corn salad with creamy lemon vinaigrette a jillion times!! It is a wonderful combination of flavors that can be made in bulk and portioned out each evening. THANK YOU!!!

    1. Hello Mary. Excited to hear about your move to “the city different”. We are finding our way here and know you will love it as much as we do. Yep, the corn salad is a winner. I think that was the first post I made from Santa Fe, ironically! Get in touch once you are here.

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