Update from the garden…

Well, we dodged another “frozen bullet”. Temps hit the mid 20’s the other evening. No damage. However, we can’t relax yet. Work continues on the garden project. Liners were added for weed protection. 11 yards of top soil was delivered. Mixing in some fertilizer, worms, compost….good start for our veggies. Blooming continues to catch the eye: peonies are on the verge of opening, Russian olive trees are sprouting, honeysuckle is thriving, ground cover is thick and lush and grasses sway. PVC pipe makes a hoop-like frame for the raised bed covers. Progress. Stay tuned!


  1. peonies are sooooo loverly and their fragrance is devine! Robert just put in a small above ground garden in their back yard. you guys are such wonderful gardeners!

  2. Hi guys,
    You must be having a blast in your new digs!! Love the picts. So glad you’re still doing this. Keep in touch. Let me know if you want a cooking buddy. I’m free as a bird and loving it!!

  3. Whew! Glad all is progressing and not frozen. Looks like a work intensive but rewarding project. Can’t wait to come in the summer to experience SF in a different season. 💜To all

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