Road Trip with Jerry

Our journey began in Santa Fe.  From there, we headed toward Las Vegas – the New Mexico version. Great downtown: a vibrant square with restored buildings, thriving businesses and streets of nice Victorian homes. On to Mora and scenic views…Jerry got a little bored. A few photography stops as we headed through the mountains toward Chimayo. Getting hungry, we decided to stop at the well-known and revered Rancho de Chimayo for some lunch.  A full house showed their popularity is still strong. From there on to Las Trampas and eventually back home to Santa Fe. A varied landscape, historical treasures, good food, and Jerry’s company…a great outing in the land of enchantment.


  1. Sweeeet! Jerry’s road trip!!!

    Hard to not take photos isn’t it?!?! Beautiful! .Gets better with every season!

    You two, plus your Jerry, are gonna love it here!!!

    Keep on exploring!


  2. Jerry, looks like your new home agrees with you – happier and more handsome than ever!
    can’t wait to come see you and your boys!
    hugs & love from me & Toby in Comfort.

  3. Jerry needs a new brother. Brothers always have fun on road trips.

    The TV series, Longmire, is filmed in and around Las Vegas. Even saw the star, Robert Taylor, one nite in SFe at restaurant.

    Glad yall are enjoying the area. It is gorgeous.

    Miss yall, April

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