Happy New Year!


 Good Food, Good Connection, Good Views

We have been without a kitchen for many weeks. Oh darn, eating out in Santa Fe is such a burden! However, it can get old. So thanks to our hard working crew here at the house, we were able to get back in the kitchen by Christmas. A few tweaks are left, but we could COOK. Christmas morn greeted us with a nice flocking of snow. So, after weeks of no savory smells, off to the kitchen I went and put strips of bacon in a skillet. Bacon was the first thing I learned how to cook as a kid. My grandfather, Dinks, taught me how to make the best fried eggs: slow heat and bacon fat for basting! Some sliced tomatoes and we’re good to go. For Christmas dinner: roast chicken, garlic mashed potatoes with parmesan crust, roasted Brussels sprouts with onion and more bacon (!) and apple spiced cake for dessert. Hope your holidays were filled with many delicious smells, stories, and relaxation. More recipes coming…

Check out exciting news in the “share a meal” section of the blog.



  1. happy new year to you & Tom & Jerry dahling!
    sending prayers for more JOY for us all in the new year.
    looks like you got it going with BACON!
    hugs & love from me & Toby,

  2. Gorgeous chicken. Will you post that recipe please?

    Miss yall so much here in Comfort.
    Hugs. Stay warm.

  3. Your Christmas menu sounds fabulous. I don’t envy your snow, though, because I HATE cold weather, but I’m sure it’s very pretty. Glad you are able to cook again. Miss you and Tom. Happy 2017,

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