Streusel Topping

 2 sticks butter, melted

½ C toasted sliced almonds

½ C toasted walnuts

½ C toasted pecans

¾ C old fashioned oats

¾ t salt

¾ t nutmeg

¾ t cinnamon

¾ C sugar

¾ C light brown sugar

1 ¼ C flour

In a mixing bowl, combine salt, nutmeg, cinnamon, both sugars and flour. Mix well. Add nuts and oats and mix again. Add melted butter to the flour nut mix and stir. Spread mix onto a cookie sheet and chill in the refrigerator. Once the mix has hardened, break up the mix into pieces and place into a food processor. Pulse until a nice crumbly texture is achieved. The mix can store in the refrigerator for several days or you can freeze the streusel for several weeks. Pull it out and top a muffin, coffee cake, or pie. Delicious and worth the effort.

May 1 025

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