Humble beginnings…

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High’s Café & Store began in a small 650 square foot building with two owners and one part-time employee…Carma… in September 2005. With a Barbie oven, one hot plate, and a few tried and true recipes, we were excited to start a casual coffee shop in Comfort, TX.
12  years later, we occupy 3200 square feet, use i PADS for order taking, have  13 employees and blog on the internet.
Additionally, cooking classes, a website, retail items, various remodels and menu additions have brought us to our present version.
From Styrofoam to porcelain and plastic to stainless, High’s has evolved naturally. We transitioned when it seemed  appropriate and timely to do so. Through all of  this, Denise and I have worked to maintain a sense of community, a desire for fresh flavors, and a “friendly ease” with which  food and service are delivered.
So, thank you to all of our loyal and supportive fans. On behalf of the entire High’s family, it is our pleasure to serve you. Enjoy the blog. These are the recipes many have requested. Share with us your thoughts and let us know how we can make HIGHMADEFOOD.COM more useful to you.

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