COMFORT TABLE CONCERT…a win win win for all

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 12.41.05 PM

This annual concert/party has become the must see/hear/taste event of the year. 25 professional musicians will gather… all in excellent voice, tuned instruments ready for the downbeat, and our wordsmith Douglas Skrief performing much-loved folk tales.

Be a part of this intimate gathering (we only sell 200 seats) and allow the music to wrap you in sound, allow the words to speak to your soul…feel the energy.  Every year, audiences leave with grateful hearts and big grins. Every year is a sell out. Every year musicians from all over our state come to Comfort freely giving their talents and time for a great cause…feeding people. Every year, generous host families house our performers allowing all proceeds, every dime, to go to The Comfort Table. Additional underwriters cover miscellaneous expenses.

High’s Cafe & Store, your main event sponsor, throws a big bash at the conclusion of the concert. Live music, beer, wine and great nosh – all complimentary as we continue to celebrate the evening’s many blessings. So, don’t delay. Purchase your tickets today at High’s. We can only accept cash or checks (made payable to The Comfort Table). $40 per ticket helps raise half of the annual budget for The Comfort Table. Your purchase is tax deductible.

Come see what small towns do best: we support each other, we support our worthwhile causes and we celebrate our community.

This really is just another delicious secret from Comfort! Shhh.


One comment

  1. got my ticket… even missing yoga on that day. this is an absolute have-to.
    if you don’t have a ticket get one. they’ll be sold out before you know it and you’ll be sorry you missed it. really

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