Time to refuel

Food Mar 18 003

In case you are following the blog closely, let me remind you that the entire High’s gang will be on vacation from July 30 through August 13. We will reopen August 14. Your blog maestro will take a break too. Thank you for reading, for commenting, for cooking. If you do have some comments or questions, please submit. I will check in from time to time and I will respond.

Take care. See you soon. Many more recipes to share.



  1. Wishing all if you a fun, relaxing time away from your hard work. You deserve it! Still, we’ll miss you and your great food. Tita & Mike

  2. So glad you are taking a break…and your employees are likely happy as well. Enjoy…wish I could be there for the Musicale. I know it will be superb. XO

  3. Have a great vacation, Brent! We look forward to more recipes after you’ve had a chance to refuel. Danusia

  4. please save toby & me a scone saturday morning dahling and we have to make do until you return… maybe we’ll lose a few pounds… HA!
    hugs & puppy kisses.
    cr & tob

  5. I love all of the recipes and all of the food at High Street and would love to have the recipe for the “coconut-lime sorbet”. It is embarrassing, I order 2 at a time! Thank you and see you Monday night. Best love to all. Cay

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