Creme Fraiche

3 C heavy cream

1/3 C sour cream

 July 1 002 July 1 007 July 2 005

Combine ingredients in a stainless steel bowl. Cover with plastic wrap. Cut vents into the wrap. Leave out on the counter for 24 hours until thickened. It can thicken quicker. Overnight can work. It just depends on the temperature and biology in your kitchen. Once it has thickened, cover and place in the refrigerator. Wonderful for enriching soups, dressings, dessert toppings etc…Flavor with fresh dill, citrus, honey. Be creative.


    1. Janna,
      Glad your creme fraiche worked out. You really are going all out for your family. Lucky them. Thank you again for the invitation. Hope your holiday with family and friends is a feast in every way!

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